TLUG holds regular public lectures on Linux/FLOSS and related (programming, networks, electronics, etc) topics.

We have a venue, booked on our behalf by the UP Computer Science department for 2010, on the first Monday of every month, with the exception of April (the first Monday, 5 April, is  a public holiday, so we moved it to the following Monday, 12 April).

2010-02-01IT Building 2-24
2010-03-01IT Building 2-24
2010-04-12IT Building 2-24
2010-05-03IT Building 2-24
2010-06-07IT Building 2-24
2010-07-05IT Building 2-24
2010-08-02IT Building 2-24
2010-09-06IT Building 2-24
2010-10-04IT Building 2-24
2010-11-01IT Building 4-3

The venue itself is IT Building room 2-24 (ground floor), except on 1 November 2010, when it is in room 4-3 (same building). Directions to the part of the IT building where both venues are situated, are indicated on the aerial photograph below:

TLUG Venue map for 2010

TLUG Venue map for 2010