Meeting #5 feedback: Embedded development with FOSS

Topic: Embedded development with FOSS

Audience at TLUG meeting 5

Audience at TLUG meeting 5

Speaker: Stewart Allen
Date: 3 August 2009
Feedback: Our most successful talk to date (~60 people attended)! Stewart’s talk was informative and he had real life gadgets and code to demo. Thanks to Stewart, and all those who attended

Slides: stewart_tlug_presentation.pdf.tar.gz
Code: stewart_demo.tar.gz
Audio recording: tlug-talk-5-stewart-embedded-dev-with-foss.ogg (16 MB)

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Hey thanks for the great turnout guys. I really had fun giving the talk. Please use the TLUG mailing list if you have any questions.

While going through porgate I found this intresting program:
What it can do:
Electric Specifications

The Electric VLSI Design System is a highly flexible and powerful system that can handle many different types of circuit design (MOS, Bipolar, schematics, printed circuitry, hardware description languages, etc.) It handles geometry at any angle (not just Manhattan) and can even handle curves.

Layout is done by placing and wiring electrical components. Although this is standard practice for schematics, it is unusual for chip layout. However, because of this style of design, Electric understands chip layout at a more sophisticated level, and can aid in design to an unprecedented degree.

Electric has many analysis tools, including design-rule checking, simulation, and network comparison. Electric has many synthesis tools, including routing, compaction, silicon compilation, PLA generation, and compensation.

The user interface is quite sophisticated and runs on all popular workstations (Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX). It also provides interpretive languages for advanced users.

The most interesting feature of the system is its global enforcement of connectivity which provides top-down design capability and ease of post-design modifications.

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